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How it works:
No matter if you are operating a TGP, or a Blog, or any other type of website, as long as you put our banners along with our affiliate code, you will get tracked and paid if a membership joined through your affiliate link.

50/50 Lifetime Partnership:
Earn 50% of an initial signup plus any recurring income from that signup until the user cancel his membership. While this results in a smaller initial payday compare to some other programs who offers $35 per signup, as billing automatically recurs, payments overlap and stack up, and within a short period of time you'll be making far more money per paycheck

How much will you earn?
We are paying a true 50 % after billing charges. That means you earn $ 17 per signup for each member who signed up for a 30 days membership for as long as the visitor remains a member!
This is a chart of the payout to you for each of the membership terms you reffered:

Membership Duration Membership Charge Your Payout
30 Days $33.95 $17
60 Days $59.95 $30

How does SexAsian18 compare to a sponsor that pays a plain $ 35 per signup?
For all the affiliate program who offers you $35 per signup, they will not give you anymore money if the same member recurs after the initial membership join. SexAsian18 strives hard to satisfy its members. We add high quality video to our members area every day. Our servers are using the most updated hardwares, keeping our customers with blazing download/loading speed. We answer every single support enquiry the visitors have, with human not a robot! That means we keep our customers happy, which equals to longer membership recurring.

What is the Minimum Payout?
The minimum you have to make will be $10 to receive payment. If you do not meet the minimum payment for a period, it will be carried over and credited to you toward the next pay period. You can change the minimum payment to a higher amount when signing up or you may logon to CCBill's Affiliate Contorl Panel and change it yourself.

When do you payout affiliates?
Payouts is set to every monday weekly. You can change the payout week to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, from the CCBill's Affiliate Control Panel.

What payment methods do you offer?
You can choose between being paid by Check or Wire Transfer. There are the fees charged by CCBill for differnet payment methods:

International Check USD 0.00
Wires to an EURO account, with IBAN in EU EUR 7.50
Wires to an USD account USD 25.00
Wires to an British account GBP 10.00

I have more questions. How can I contact you?
If you have more questions that weren't answered here or simply need some help and advice, please contact us here.

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